Jenny Haught is a San Francisco based artist who blends her busy life with her art by scheduling time to make it to the studio and crossing things off lists.  Otherwise she would go crazy.

"Art has always been my passion.  I draw inspiration from my life experiences and everyday surroundings.  I find beauty in the imperfect, the rundown, the abandoned and forgotten.  My paintings are my outlet to explore and study these themes.  I become obsessed with painting an object the way someone becomes obsessed with a song.  All you want to do is listen to it over and over again until you've exhausted everything about the song that you once found so interesting.  In my work I become obsessed with something and I need to paint it over and over again until I feel I've exhausted all that intrigued me in the first place.  Then I move on to the next subject.  I have a long list of subjects I want to explore and that list keeps growing."